THEO BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Gmbh & Co.KG was founded in 1938 with strong focus in the power supply industry. With the achievement of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certification and strong R&D investment over the years, BENNING have developed into one of the leading European manufacturer for highly reliable power supply systems, essential for the protection of investment and assuring safety.

At BENNING, we believe that power protection is a profession. True professionalism means customer satisfaction. That is why we provide solutions and not just what’s available in stock. Our endless pursuit of new technologies and better products has resulted in numerous advanced and unique solutions.
Customized Solutions
– Project Engineering
– Reduce risk and ensure reliable installation and equipment performance
– Installation
- System Coordination
- Start-up and Commissioning

For stationary battery systems Standard thyristor-controlled rectifiers



Industrial UPS
Single and three phase output

COEN equipment is known worldwide for reliability, efficiency and environmental responsiveness. Since 1912, Coen Company has specialized in the design, manufacture, servicing, and maintenance of burner equipment and combustion systems.


1.    Burner Management System
2.    Flame Scanner
3.    Igniters

Trelleborg Hercules Pte Ltd is part of the Trelleborg Engineered Products business unit, which includes a number of other Trelleborg companies that provides polymer solutions for the infrastructure, construction and offshore oil & gas industries.


–    Riser Corrosion Protection Coating
–    Riser Clamp Internal Coating
–    Jacket Diaphragm Closures, Grout Packers and Seals
–    Boat Landing Systems
(Shock Cells, EBRs, Rubstrips and Other Fenders)
–    Offshore Bearings
(LMU, FPSO Module Support Bearing and Shockpads)

PARKER FILTRATION & SEPARATION is a very enviromentally-aware company.

The company is ISO14001 certified, which means that Parker is making investments now and will continue to do so in future with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of the entire production process.


Parker Nitrogen Generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air into 99.9999% nitrogen, exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas, at up to 1.1 liter per minute.

Nitrogen is produced by a combination of state-of-the art purification technologies and high efficiency filtration.

Siirtec Nigi is a leading engineering and contracting company operating internationally in the field of sulphur recovery, acid gas removal, oil and gas processing and environmental clean up. The company has considerable experience in the design and supply of skid-mounted and modular packages and plant.

SINI provides complete solution for upstream to refining application :
1. Oil and Gas Production facilities
2. Gas and liquids treatment
3. Sulphur recovery
4. Gas Manufacture
5. Fuel Gas Treatment
6. Skid mounted units and modules
7. Process Equipment

Source One

Bearing Lubricator is an auto lubricator product for Industries, suitable for single-point lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals and chains.

ESCHER Process Modules BV (“ESCHER”) is a leading global Process Technology House and provider of process solutions since 1925. ESCHER engineers, designs, packages and supplies process modules, skids, packaged units, oil & gas treatment plants, flare systems and flare tips. ESCHER’s subsidiary company is based in Malaysia.
ESCHER’s mission is to provide Excellence in Process Technology. Continuous matching top quality, safety first and on-time performance confirms the search for excellence.
Oil & Gas treatment systems
ESCHER’s scope for Oil & Gas Treatment encompass the following systems:
– Natural gas dehydration
– CO2 drying
– Gas dehydration and glycol regeneration units / TEG regeneration units
– Desiccant adsorbent plants / mol sieve units / adsorption plants
– Hydrocarbon dew point control plants (Silica Gel)
– Low temperature separation plants / DEG or MEG regeneration
– Low temperature HC extraction units
– 2 / 3-phase separator units / skids
– Fuel gas treatment units / fuel gas conditioning skids
– Metering skids
– Pump skids
– Stripping units
– Fractionation units
– Chemical injection skids.

Retractable flare systems
ESCHER is the innovator and founder of the derrick supported retractable multi flare stack system together with SHELL. This type of flare stack offers unique operational advantage allowing any one flare tip to be removed for maintenance or inspection through demountable stack, whilst the other flares remain in operations uninterrupted, i.e. safe and no plant shutdown required.


johnsonYORK Centrifugal Compressor and Frick Screw Compressor are the leading worldwide manufacturer of refrigeration and gas compression equipment at work in the petrochemical and gas processing industries. We provides reliable process refrigeration and HVAC for Industrial requirements.requirements.


York Refrigeration provides industrial and marine refrigeration systems, control systems, equipment and services throughout the world.

o    Screw Compressor Units
o    Turbomaster Centrifugal Compressors
o    Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
o    Controls
o    Skidded Systems

York HVAC provides heating, air conditioning, process cooling solutions, equipment maintenance and repair service to a full spectrum of commercial and industrial facilities.

o    Airside Products
o    Chiller Products
o    Single Package Units
o    Condenser and Condensing Units




Industrial/Commercial HVAC products include air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, central air-handling equipment, single-package units, and air-distribution systems.





Zeni Lite Technology developed in-house software, and applying our past experience and knowledge built-up over many years on the behavior and performance of buoys operating under different parameters has enabled Zeni Lite to conceptualized buoy design based on actual environmental conditions. This “know how” has lead to the introduction of a range of proven designs suitable for shallow water , deep water, high wave, swift currents and / or a combination of these conditions. Our Engineer’s design buoys specific to the operational conditions of the deployment site . This approach is unique to Zeni Lite and very much differentiates us from other organizations.

Zeni Lite Various Light Buoy

–    ZLB Series : Standard tail tube and skirt type
–    ZWB Series : High Wave Type
–    ZCB Series : Swift current type
–    ZLNB Series : Lanby type

Zeni Lite Spar Buoy Resilient Light Beacon

–    Cardinal Spar buoy with day mark
–    Port Hand Mark spar buoy
–    Safe marks Spar buoy
–    Starboard Hand Mark Spar Buoy
–    Spar Buoy with day mark

Zeni Lite Various Aluminium Lighthouse and Beacon

–    10m Pole Type Aluminium Beacon
–    20m Aluminium Lighthouse Tower
–    3m Pole Type Aluminium Beacon
–    20 m Aluminium Lighthouse Tower

Zeni Lite Lantern

–    ZL-LSW 160 “ Self  Contained “ LED Lantern built in with Akari- AIS Technology
–    ZL-LS120 –S-U Emergency Wreck Marking “Self Contained“ LED Lantern
–    ZL-LS 370A Super High Intensity LED Lantern with AIS
–    ZBL –RL LED Range Light
–    HIGH INTENSITY LED Sector Light

AtoN AIS Products

–    Akari 1
–    Akari 2
–    Akari AWS  : AIS Weather station

A Foundation Built on Vapor Compression.
MECO was founded in 1928 as Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc. In 1939, our future became crystal clear with the patent of the vapor compression process for the desalination of seawater. In the years to follow, MECO earned additional patents in the area of water purification. As our experience in this area grew, so did the number of products and services we offered to clients. Today, we provide the broadest range of purification technologies of any company in the world.



Main Products:
Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly Valves,Strainers.
Using Rating:
150, 300, 600, 1500, 2500Ib and user requirement
Line, Steam Line Service
bon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Hasteloy,Incoloy,Titanium
Manual, Pneumatically, Electrically, Hydraulic
Other Subject to customer’s requirements.